• Ros brings both wisdom and humour to her sessions – with a good dose of honesty which draws out the same honesty in response. She truly sees me and this makes me want to be as present, open and engaged as I can – all to my own benefit! Ros strikes the right balance of being kind, and yet direct, of showing understanding but also challenging me to dig a little deeper, move a little further, to step into uncomfortable spaces and become comfortable with them. She knows when I need to ‘rest’ and yet keeps me from resting on my laurels. My hour with her is as important as a good night’s rest. I am stronger, nourished, healthier – I’m empowered to reset, take stock, lay down baggage. It’s a gift – hers and therefore mine. [GL]
  • Working with Ros has been a life-changing experience.  She taught me the value of honest and open communication. Her candour, experience, professionalism and sense of humour all contribute to a safe environment where you can address any matter.  Not sure where I would be if it wasn’t for Ros. [HJ]
  • It feels as if I have been on an incredible journey with Ros, and may finally have unearthed the root of the problem regarding my anxiety. Although there may be more to come, I am relieved that I am finally able to comprehend and confront issues head on as a result of this process. [KJ]
  • I felt immediately at ease in Ros’s presence. She challenges me to dig deep and listen to my inner voice. With her I am developing a kind of self-love I didn’t think possible. Ros is truly gifted, and she has the capability to bring the gifted out in anyone. [RA]
  • Ros has been very supportive during a difficult year for me. She is professional and very knowledgeable. Our therapy sessions have become my place of refuge to deal with grief, but also a place to grow and reflect.  Ros has helped me build personal boundaries and learn to enjoy life. [BF]
  • I really appreciate how much Ros has helped me over these years, and owe so much credit for my life life improvements to her support, guidance and understanding. [PT]
  • Ros is helping me find myself in what has been a confusing and chaotic year.  She is a gifted listener and distils what is important from the ‘noise’.  Our sessions feel like a healthy mix of reflection and constructively looking forwards and I owe a lot of my developing confidence and direction to Ros’s thoughtfulness and experience. [HA]
  •  A close friend introduced me to Ros during a time of personal crisis. I had turned 32 without having had a healthy relationship for many years.  I had become very cynical about relationships and did not feel capable of having one.   Ahead of my first session, I was very skeptical that she would be able to help me in any way. I had already tried a different therapist with no considerable change. Ros has helped me experience growth that for me was unimaginable. In a caring and compassionate manner, we identified events in my life that had hindered my ability to express emotion.  During this process I discovered a much stronger, confident and self-affirming person within myself. She helped me enhance my self-awareness and pinpoint flaws that really affected the way I interacted with people and sabotaged any potential relationships. I have learnt to set boundaries, communicate my feelings in a constructive way and identify and arrest destructive behaviours.  My therapy with Ros has been invaluable and life-changing. Throughout the entire process I never felt there was anything I could not talk about. She made me realise that self-improvement is feasible after I had spent many years feeling hopeless and stuck. [AM]